Colour Festival: garden plants of the month for April

Cheerful colours, fabulous flowers: the arrival of the Colour Festival officially marks the start of the outdoor season!

Will you opt for serene, or go all out?
Big flowers, small flowers. Climbing, hanging and creeping. For use in beds, in pots and containers, and in hanging baskets. The Colour Festival brings spring to your garden, patio or balcony in a flash. Begonia, Verbana, Gazania and Bougainvillea are all rich bloomers that offer different forms, so that they bring instant visual delight and experience to your garden.

Introducing: Team Special C
Begonia is the sort of garden bloomer where you can hardly see the plant once it starts flowering with full, plump flowers. Bonus points for the fact that it carries on flowering.

Verbana treats you to clusters of white or brightly coloured flowers that can take a knock and that shine in both containers and hanging baskets. You will definitely enjoy them for at least two seasons.

Gazania has flowers that open in the sun and close in the evening and when it rains. That means that the plant looks different throughout the day.

Bougainvillea is a Mediterranean climber with flowers that are usually brightly coloured and with which you can bring the Riviera to your patio. All you need to do is add a glass of rosé.

United Colours of the World
Begonia and Bougainvillea originate from South America, Gazania from South Africa and Verbana can be found throughout Eurasia and the United States.

2019 colour trends
All the Colour Festival plants come in various colours, so that you can style them entirely to your personal taste. If you want to be bang on trend, there are three clear directions this year.

  1. The creamy pastels offered by Begonia and Verbana create a friendly and gentle mood as a defence against the harsh outside world. You can reinforce that feeling with round, shiny pots, containers with floral patterns and hanging baskets made of rope.

  2. A more brightly coloured style trend places the emphasis on cool blue, purple, lilac and pink, with surprising orange and yellow as accents. Use geometric pots and perspex in order to reinforce the ‘smart’ feel. Gazania and Bougainvillea play the leading role in this trend.

  3. If you’re mainly looking for peace and quiet, opt for the garden trend involving green, blue and white with black and grey or zinc pots. It can look neat and understated; ‘urban’ and ‘sustainable’ are key concepts here. Your white is provided by Verbena, Bougainvillea and Begonia, the rust colour comes from Gazania.

What the Colour Festival plants will do in your garden
• They attract butterflies and bees and hence improve the whole ecology in the area.
• They’re plants that offer lots of flowers and colour in early spring.
• Colour Festival plants flower for a long time, and retain their decorative value afterwards.

“Nature always wears the colours of the spirit.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson