Moodboard February 2018

Slowly the cold pulls out from skies, we hear the birds sing and the nature slowly starts to color again. Off course this goes hand in hand with the colors of our moodboard. Natural pastel hues that give us the feeling of approaching spring. With that come products like Galanthus. And off course natural green plants like ferns, bonsai and fresh white spathiphyllum. These green plants create extra oxygen en will get your house ready for a brand new start!

Moodboard January 2018

We have closed 2017 and are warming up to get going in 2018. With fresh pastels and a touch of gold we create the feeling of new life. Use this colors on a white base to start with a clean slate. Details of gold you can see throughout the entire year. Is it in your tableware, art or pots. It’s a detail you won’t forget.

Moodboard December 2017

The moodboard for december brings us into the festive mood. Getting together is of course a part of that. And you can do that in style. Golden en silver details cannot be forgotten this year. And that on a dark red, dark green and dark blue base. These dark colors create a beautiful bohemian baroque look.

You can also go all the way Hygge, the Scandinavian white style with golden tones. That creates a wonderful quiet Christmas with a balanced design look.

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Moodboard November 2017

Outside it is getting colder, darker and more quiet. But unside it is getting more colorful, more hip and more cosy. The warm autumn colors pull through till the end of the year and indoors we can see those hues again. And with the festive season coming, off course in combination with golden details!


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Moodboard October

Here is our moodboard for October 2017.

Autumn is coming and you can see it all around you. In nature as well as in stores yellow, orange, red and brown are shown. Beautiful autumn plants like Skimmia and Pieris can bring your home or garden into fall ambiance. With the trends from our moodboard, you will slide over the leafs through fall.

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